EvoStar 2022 will be held at the Faculty of Computer Science (Facultad de Informática) of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). The Faculty of Computer Science building was inaugurated in March 2003 and holds approximately 2,000 students. The building is located in the Moncloa campus of the UCM (see the map below).

UCM was a pioneer in Spain in the area of Computer Science when it introduced it as a research and teaching field more than half a century ago.
Already in the 50’s there was a research group at UCM in close relationship with other groups at Cambridge and Harvard, universities where what we know today as Computer Science was being developed. In the 60’s, doctoral courses were taught in these topics, as well as international courses in the field of UNESCO. In the early 70’s, before the creation of the first Faculties of Computer Science in the country, the UCM established Computer Science specialties in the Bachelor’s Degrees of Physics and Mathematics.

In October 1991, the School of Computer Science was created at UCM, which later, in April 2000, changed its name to the Faculty of Computer Science. It has been teaching the three official university level degrees: Computer Engineering, Technical Engineering in Computer Management and Technical Engineering in Computer Systems. Our Faculty has been the most demanded university center in the Community of Madrid for the three degrees offered.

Of the eight Spanish Nobel Prize winners, seven studied or were professors at the UCM. Among them, the Nobel Prize winners in Medicine Severo Ochoa and Santiago Ramón y Cajal and the Nobel Prize winners in Literature José Echegaray, Camilo José Cela, Vicente Aleixandre, Jacinto Benavente and Mario Vargas Llosa.