Award for the EvoStar best paper, funded by the "Granada Excellence Network of Innovation Laboratories" (GENIL) project associated to the Campus of International Excellence BioTIC Granada.

GENIL stands for "Granada Excellence Network of Innovation Laboratories" , a research program on the interface between ICT and maths, with the main emphasis on Soft Computing, which is being carried out at the Campus of International Excellence of the University of Granada which aim to design and develop a new academic and scientific environment for teaching, researching and innovation.

The award includes up to 350 euro for travel expenses between the winner's institution of origin and Granada (Spain), as well as 1,500 euro for collaborating during one month with one of the research groups that participates in GENIL . The research group will be chosen by the winner among the ones affiliated to Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (CITIC) of the UGR. The winner must appear as the first author of the communication. The jury will specially take into account the score given by the Program Committee during the peer review process for the selection of EvoStar papers.

A diploma will be presented during the gala dinner at EvoStar 2014.