Travelling to Granada

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The city of Granada can get reached by plane, train or road.
In addition, it is only one hour and a half far (by car or bus) from Málaga, which has an important international airport and harbor among the biggest in Spain.

By plane

Getting to Granada by air is the most convenient way for people from abroad. There are conections with some of the European's capitals and with several of the Spanish main cities.

The Airport Federico García Lorca, is located in the town of Chauchina, 15km (9.3 miles) away from city center via A-92 motorway.

Telephones: 958 245 200 | 958 245 223 | 902 404 704

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By train

The Spanish railway network is very good, covering almost all the country with fast and confortable trains. Moreover, the high speed trains (faster than 300 Km/h), named AVE are linking now the main Spanish cities.

The company, RENFE is well considered in Europe.

The train station is located right in the City Centre (Avda. Andaluces s/n. 18014 Granada).

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By bus

There is a very good bus network in the whole country, which is mainly operated by ALSA in the southern part.

The Granada's Bus Station is located in Ctra. Jaén, s/n, 18014

Telephones: 958 18 54 80 | 958 25 13 58

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By car

There are very good communications between Granada and the main cities in Andalucía.
The city is connected to Almería in 1 hour, Sevilla in 2.5 hours and to Malaga in 1.5 hours via the A-92 motorway. In addition, you can follow the motorway A-44, linking with A-4 in Bailén, leading to Madrid to reach the capital city in 4 hours. The connection to the coast is also excellent with the A-7 motorway reaching to Motril in just 35 minutes.

Travel from Madrid-Barajas Airport to Granada

By train

If you want to travel by train you should take a train to Puerta de Atocha train station from Barajas T4 (Cercanías (short distance) Line C1, 25 minutes), and then a train to Granada. Warning: only two direct ALTARIA trains (at 9:00 and 17:00) are available daily.

By bus

There are several buses departing from Barajas T4 terminal directly to Granada bus station (4h30m). More information is available on this web site.