Evostar 2018

The Leading European Event on Bio-Inspired Computation. Parma, Italy. 4-6 April 2018.

Call for papers:

Best Paper Candidates


  • Analyzing Feature Importance for Metabolomics using Genetic Programming, Ting Hu, Karoliina Oksanen, Weidong Zhang, Edward Randell, Andrew Furey, Guangju Zhai
  • WINNER: On the Automatic Design of a Representation for Grammar-based Genetic Programming, Eric Medvet, Alberto Bartoli
  • Scaling Tangled Program Graphs to Visual Reinforcement Learning in ViZDoom, Robert Smith, Malcolm Heywood
  • Multi-Level Grammar Genetic Programming for Scheduling in Heterogeneous Networks, Takfarinas Saber, David Fagan, David Lynch, Stepan Kucera, Holger Claussen, Michael O'Neill

In the photo, left to right: Eric, Alberto and Mauro Castelli (EuroGP chair)


  • Late Acceptance Hill Climbing for Constrained Covering Arrays, Mosab Bazargani, John H. Drake, Edmund K. Burke
  • Evolving a Repertoire of Controllers for a Multi-Function Swarm, Sondre A. Engebraten, Jonas Moen, Oleg Yakimenko, Kyrre Glette
  • A Multi-Objective Time-Linkage Approach for Dynamic Optimization Problems with Previous-Solution Displacement Restriction, Danial Yazdani, Trung Thanh Nguyen, Juergen Branke, Jin Wang
  • WINNER: A fast metaheuristic for the design of DVB-T2 networks, Fabio D'Andreagiovanni, Antonella Nardin


  • Better Runtime Guarantees Via Stochastic Domination, Benjamin Doerr
  • WINNER: Worst improvement based iterated local search, Sara Tari, Matthieu Basseur, Adrien Goëffon
  • A multistart alternating tabu search for commercial districting, Alex Gliesch, Marcus Ritt, Mayron C.O. Moreira

  • In the photo, Sara with COP chairs Manuel and Arnaud


  • Visual art inspired by the collective feeding behavior of sand-bubbler crabs, Hendrik Richter
  • Generating drums rhythms through data-driven conceptual blending of features and genetic algorithms, Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas
  • WINNER: Evotype: Towards the Evolution of Type Stencils, Tiago Martins, João Correia, Ernesto Costa, Penousal Machado

  • In the photo, left to right: Juan Romero (MUSART chair) Penousal M, Tiago M, Ernesto C, Antonios Liapis (MUSART chair)

Important dates:

Submission Deadline: 1 November 2017
Notification: 3 January 2018
Camera-ready: 15 January 2018
Mandatory registration per paper: 9 February 2018
Early registration discount: 28 February
Registration deadline: 28 March
EvoStar dates: 4-6 April 2018