EuroGP Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search Supporting Approximate Multipliers
    Michal Piňos, Vojtech Mrazek and Lukas Sekanina
  • On the Influence of Grammars on Crossover in Grammatical Evolution
    Dirk Schweim
  • Towards incorporating Human Knowledge in Fuzzy Pattern Tree Evolution
    Aidan Murphy, Grainne Murphy, Douglas Mota Dias, Jorge Amaral, Enrique Naredo, and Conor Ryan
  • Exploring the Automatic Design of U-Nets Applied to Segmentation Problems
    Ricardo Henrique Remes de Lima, Aurora Pozo, Alexander Mendiburu, and Roberto Santana
  • Evolution of Complex Combinational Logic Circuits using Grammatical Evolution with SystemVerilog
    Michael Tettch, Douglas Mota Dias, and Conor Ryan
  • On the Generalizability of Programs Synthesized by Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming
    Dominik Sobania
  • Progressive Insular Cooperative GP
    Karina Brotto Rebuli and Leonardo Vanneschi
  • Quality Diversity Genetic Programming for Learning Decision Tree Ensembles
    Stephen Boisvert and John Sheppard
  • Inclusive Genetic Programming
    Francesco Marchetti and Edmondo Minisci
  • Regenerating Soft Robots through Neural Cellular Automata
    Kazuya Horibe, Kathryn Walker, and Sebastian Risi
  • Evofficient: Reproducing a Cartesian Genetic Programming Method
    Lorenz Wendlinger, Julian Stier, and Michael Granitzer

Short Talks

  • Evolving Allocation Rules for Beam Search Heuristics in Assembly Line Balancing
    João Pedro Gonçalves Moreira and Marcus Ritt
  • Software Anti-patterns Detection under Uncertainty using a Possibilistic Evolutionary Approach
    Sofien Boutaib, Maha Elarbi, Slim Bechikh, Chih-Cheng Hung and Lamjed Ben Said
  • Mining Feature Relationships in Data
    Andrew Lensen
  • Getting a Head Start on Program Synthesis with Genetic Programming
    Jordan Wick, Erik Hemberg and Unamay O’Reilly
  • Probabilistic Grammatical Evolution
    Jessica Cunha, Nuno Lourenço and Penousal Machado
  • Incremental Evaluation of Genetic Programming
    Will B Langdon