Preparing & sending your video

While we would prefer to have you deliver your presentation in real time, we are aware that this is not going to be possible in all situations (e.g. if your internet connection is weak or unstable). That’s why we are requesting you to record a video of your presentation, in order to be used as “Plan B”.

Please prepare your video as soon as possible and have it ready for upload!

General instructions

The length of the video recording must be 20 minutes for long talks and 10 minutes for short talks.

Please select MP4 format to record your video.

Recording your video

Naming your video

Please name your video using the SESSION, THE PAPER ID and THE PRESENTER’s LAST NAME.

Session: EUROGP 1
Paper id: 125
Presenter Name: Ada Lovelace

–> File: EUROGP1_125_LOVELACE.mp4

You can edit your submission later if there was a mistake; you can also submit multiple times for multiple papers.

Ready? Send it now!

Please use this form: