EvoCOP Accepted Papers

  • A Novel Ant Colony Optimization Strategy for the Quantum Circuit Compilation Problem
    Marco Baioletti, Riccardo Rasconi and Angelo Oddi
  • Hybridization of Racing Methods with Evolutionary Operators for Simulation Optimization of Traffic Lights Programs
    Christian Cintrano, Javier Ferrer, Manuel López-Ibáñez and Enrique Alba
  • Decomposition-based Multi-objective Landscape Features and Automated Algorithm Selection
    Raphaël Cosson, Bilel Derbel, Arnaud Liefooghe, Hernán Aguirre, Qingfu Zhang and Kiyoshi Tanaka
  • MATE; A Model-based Algorithm Tuning Engine
    Mohamed El Yafrani, Marcella Scoczynski, Inkyung Sung, Markus Wagner, Carola Doerr and Peter Nielsen
  • An Improvement Heuristic Based on Variable Neighborhood Search for a Dynamic Orienteering Problem
    Hoang Thanh Le, Martin Middendorf and Yuhui Shi
  • Runtime analysis of the (mu+1)-EA on the Dynamic BinVal function
    Johannes Lengler and Simone Riedi
  • Tabu-driven Quantum Neighborhood Samplers
    Charles Moussa, Hao Wang, Henri Calandra, Thomas Bäck and Vedran Dunjko
  • On Hybrid Heuristics for Steiner Trees on the Plane with Obstacles
    Victor Parque
  • Flowshop NEH-based Heuristic Recommendation
    Lucas M. Pavelski, Myriam Delgado and Marie-Éléonore Kessaci
  • Stagnation Detection with Randomized Local Search
    Amirhossein Rajabi and Carsten Witt
  • An Artificial Immune System for Black Box Test Case Selection
    Lukas Rosenbauer, Anthony Stein and Jörg Hähner
  • Symmetry Breaking for Voting Mechanisms
    Preethi Sankineni and Andrew Sutton
  • A Heuristic Algorithm for School Bus Routing with Bus Stop Selection
    Monique Sciortino, Rhyd Lewis and Jonathan Thompson
  • Hybrid Heuristic and Metaheuristic for Solving Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling Problem
    Imene Zaidi, Ammar Oulamara, Lhassane Idoumghar and Michel Basset