EvoStar Outstanding Students

Outstanding Student Mentions are EvoStar’s way to recognise the good work of our students and recent graduates, who represent the future of the EvoStar community. 

How can I become an EvoStar Outstanding Student?

To become an Outstanding Student you need to comply with three requirements simultaneously:

  • Submit a paper indicating that the main part of the work was carried out by a student
  • Obtain an overall review score(*) greater than or equal to 2 or be nominated for a Best Paper Award
  • Register at EvoStar (onsite or online) and submit proof of studentship

If you were a student at the time of carrying out the work for the paper, but have graduated in the 12 months prior to the submission deadline, you can replace the proof of studentship with a letter signed by your former supervisor.

(*) Calculated as the average of the marks given by all reviewers.
E.g. for a paper that obtains (1,0,0,3) the overall score would be 1

What do I get?

The perks of being nominated as an Outstanding Student are:

  • A certificate of your nomination
  • The possibility to candidate for Best Student Poster
  • Free registration in the next EvoStar event
  • Extra points if you candidate for one of the SPECIES Scholarships
  • A great t-shirt!

How do I apply?

You don’t need to! We will contact you.

Outstanding students of 2018
Outstanding Students of 2019 (photo courtesy of HTWK Leipzig)

Past Outstanding Students

Filipe Assunção, Mosab Bazargani, Alexander Berman, Sondre Engebråten, Tiago Martins, Almuth Meier, Rafaela Priscila Cruz Moreira, Robert Jacob Smith, Sara Tari, Sarah Louise Thomson, Laura Sani

Benedikte Wallace, Hoang Thanh Le, Illya Bakurov, Jitka Kocnova, Jonathan Kelly, Jörg Stork, Muhammad Sheraz Anjum, Nam Le, Riccardo Gervasi, Robert Smith, Samaneh Azari, Sarah L. Thomson, Shima Afzali, Timothy Atkinson, Timon van de Velde

Kehinde Babaagba, Leonardo Lucio Custode, Takahiro Ishihara, Karlo Knezevic, João Macedo, Guang Peng, Anil Saini.
Recent graduates : Raneem Qaddoura, Marialaura Previti, Mohammed Baraq Mushtaq