Outstanding Students of 2021

In EvoStar 2021 we want to recognise the good work of our students, who represent the future of our community. 

We selected papers that had obtained an overall review score greater than or equal to 2 or that had been nominated for a Best Paper Award, and whose main contributor was a student. Following these rules we came up with our list of Outstanding Students:

  • Aidan Murphy
  • Ailin Chen
  • Allison Lahnala
  • Amirhossein Rajabi
  • Andreea Avramescu
  • Anja Jankovic
  • Christian Cintrano
  • Gonzalo Carazo-Barbero
  • Jamie Caldwell
  • Michal Piňos
  • Miguel Ángel Domínguez Ríos
  • Nádia Carvalho
  • Quentin Renau
  • Raphaël Cosson
  • Ricardo Henrique Remes de Lima
  • Ruba Abu Khurma
  • Stefano Sarti
  • Tiago Sousa
  • Zimeng Lyu
  • Zongyu Yin

To these we have added those who were students at the time of carrying out the work for their paper, but have since graduated. They are:

  • Alejandro Romero
  • Erlend Gjesteland Ekern
  • Francisco Braga

Congratulations to all of them!