Evo* Award for Outstanding Contribution to Evolutionary Computation in Europe 2020


Gabriela Ochoa (University of Stirling)

Previous awarded:

Evo* 2020 Best Paper Awards


Effect of Parent Selection Methods on Modularity
Anil Saini and Lee Spector
EuroGP Best paper Nominees


Testing hybrid computational intelligence algorithms for general game playing
Ariel Eduardo Vázquez-Nuñez, Antonio J. Fernández-Leiva, Antonio M Mora and Pablo García-Sánchez
EvoAPPS Best paper Nominees


The Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm Copes Well With Deception and Epistasis
Benjamin Doerr and Martin S. Krejca
EvoCOP Best paper Nominees


Understanding Aesthetic Evaluation with Deep Learning
Jon McCormack and Andy Lomas
EvoMUSART Best paper Nominees

Evo* 2020 Dissemination Award

for contribution to the Evo* Wikipedia page

Hendrik Richter, HTWK Leipzig

Previous awarded
2019: William B. Langdon, University College London