EvoAPPS Accepted Papers

Applications of Evolutionary Computation (General session)

  • A Local Search for Numerical Optimisation based on Covariance Matrix Diagonalisation
    Ferrante Neri and Shahin Rostami
  • EvoCluster: An Open-Source Nature-Inspired Optimization Clustering Framework in Python
    Raneem Qaddoura, Hossam Faris, Ibrahim Aljarah and Pedro A. Castillo (recorded presentation)
  • Optimizing the Hyperparameters of a Mixed Integer Linear Programming Solver to Speed Up Electric Vehicle Charging Control
    Takahiro Ishihara and Steffen Limmer
  • Automatic rule extraction from access rules using Genetic Programming
    Paloma de Las Cuevas, Pablo García Sánchez, JJ Merelo, Zaineb Chelly Dagdia and María Isabel García Arenas
  • Search Trajectory Networks of Population-based Algorithms in Continuous Spaces
    Gabriela Ochoa, Katherine M. Malan and Christian Blum
  • Evolving-controllers versus learning-controllers for morphologically evolvable robots
    Karine Miras, A.E Eiben, Matteo de Carlo and Sayfeddine Akhatou
  • Simulation-driven multi-objective evolution for traffic light optimization
    Alessandro Cacco and Giovanni Iacca
  • Automatic Generation of Adversarial Metamorphic Malware Using MAP-Elites
    Kehinde O. Babaagba, Zhiyuan Tan and Emma Hart
  • EvoDynamic: a framework for the evolution of generally represented dynamical systems and its application to criticality
    Sidney Pontes-Filho, Pedro Lind, Anis Yazidi, Jianhua Zhang, Hugo Hammer, Gustavo Mello, Ioanna Sandvig, Gunnar Tufte and Stefano Nichele
  • A Decomposition-Based Evolutionary Algorithm with Adaptive Weight Vectors for Multi- and Many-objective Optimization
    Guang Peng and Katinka Wolter
  • Differential Evolution Multi-Objective for Tertiary Protein Structure Prediction
    Pedro Henrique Narloch and Márcio Dorn
  • Particle Swarm Optimization: A Wrapper-based Feature Selection Method for Ransomware Detection and Classification
    Muhammad Shabbir Abbasi, Harith Al-Sahaf and Ian Welch
  • A method for estimating the computational complexity of multimodal functions
    Juan Luis Jiménez Laredo, Eric Sanlaville, Carlos M. Fernandes and JJ Merelo
  • Locating Odour Sources with Geometric Syntactic Genetic Programming
    João Macedo, Lino Marques and Ernesto Costa
  • Designing cable-stayed bridges with Genetic Algorithms
    João Correia and Fernando Ferreira
  • A fast, scalable meta-heuristic for network slicing under traffic uncertainty
    Thomas Bauschert and Varun S. Reddy
  • What is Your MOVE: Modeling Adversarial Network Environments
    Karlo Knezevic, Stjepan Picek, Domagoj Jakobovic and Julio Hernandez-Castro
  • Using evolution to design modular robots: An empirical approach to select module designs
    Rodrigo Moreno and Andres Faina
  • Iterated Granular Neighborhood Algorithm for the Taxi Sharing Problem
    Houssem Eddine Ben Smida, José Francisco Chicano García and Saoussen Krichen

Applications of Deep Bioinspired Algorithms

  • Fake news detection using time series and user features classification
    Marialaura Previti, Víctor Rodríguez Fernández, David Camacho, Vincenza Carchiolo and Michele Malgeri (recorded presentation)
  • Social Learning vs Self-teaching in a Multi-agent Neural Network System
    Nam Le, Michael O’Neill and Anthony Brabazon
  • Evolving Instinctive Behaviour in Resource-Constrained Autonomous Agents Using Grammatical Evolution
    Ahmed Hallawa, Simon Schug, Giovanni Iacca and Gerd Ascheid (recorded presentation)
  • An Adversarial Optimization Approach for the Development of Robust Controllers
    Mohammed Baraq Mushtaq and Tobias Rodemann (recorded presentation)

BioSocNet – Applications of Bio-inspired techniques on Social Networks

  • Multiobjective Optimization of a Targeted Vaccination Scheme in the Presence of Non-diagnosed Cases
    Krzysztof Michalak
  • Community Detection in Attributed Graphs with Differential Evolution
    Clara Pizzuti and Annalisa Socievole

Distributed and Parallel Systems

  • A MIMD interpreter for Genetic Programming
    Vinícius Veloso de Melo, Álvaro Luiz Fazenda, Léo Françoso Dal Piccol Sotto and Giovanni Iacca
  • Security Risk Optimization for Multi-Cloud Applications
    Rudolf Lovrenčić, Domagoj Jakobović, Dejan Škvorc and Stjepan Groš
  • Using evolutionary algorithms for server hardening via the moving target defense technique
    Ernesto Serrano Collado and JJ Merelo
  • An Event-based Architecture for Cross-Breed Multi-population Bio-inspired Optimization Algorithms
    Erick Vargas, Mario Garcia Valdez and JJ Merelo

Evolutionary Computation in Digital Healthcare and Personalized Medicine

  • Accelerated Design of HIFU Treatment Plans Using Island-based Evolutionary Strategy
    Filip Kuklis, Marta Jaros and Jiri Jaros
  • Using Genetic Algorithms for the prediction of cognitive impairments
    Nicole Dalia Cilia, Claudio De Stefano, Francesco Fontanella and Alessandra Scotto di Freca
  • Short and Medium Term Blood Glucose Prediction using Multi-Objective Grammatical Evolution
    Sergio Contador, J. Manuel Colmenar, Oscar Garnica and J. Ignacio Hidalgo

Evolutionary Machine Learning

  • A Greedy Iterative Layered Framework for Training Feed Forward Neural Networks
    Leonardo Lucio Custode, Ciro Lucio Tecce, Illya Bakurov, Mauro Castelli, Antonio Della Cioppa and Leonardo Vanneschi (recorded presentation)
  • Evolution of Scikit-Learn Pipelines with Dynamic Structured Grammatical Evolution
    Filipe Assunção, Nuno Lourenço, Bernardete Ribeiro and Penousal Machado (recorded presentation)
  • An Empirical Exploration of Deep Recurrent Connections Using Neuro-Evolution
    Travis Desell, Abdelrahman Elsaid and Alexander Ororbia
  • Using Skill Rating as Fitness on the Evolution of GANs
    Victor Costa, Nuno Lourenço, João Correia and Penousal Machado
  • A Local Search with a Surrogate Assisted Option for Instance Reduction
    Ferrante Neri and Isaac Triguero Velázquez (recorded presentation)
  • Evolutionary Latent Space Exploration of Generative Adversarial Networks
    João Correia, Paulo Fernandes and Penousal Machado (recorded presentation)
  • Neuro-Evolutionary Transfer Learning through Structural Adaptation
    Abdelrahman Elsaid, Joshua Karns, Zimeng Lyu, Daniel Krutz, Alex Ororbia and Travis Desell
  • Ant-based Neural Topology Search (ANTS) for Optimizing Recurrent Networks
    Abdelrahman Elsaid, Alexander Ororbia and Travis Desell

Soft Computing applied to Games

  • Efficient Heuristic Policy Optimisation for a Challenging Strategic Card Game
    Raul Montoliu, Raluca D. Gaina, Diego Perez-Liebana, Daniel Delgado and Simon Lucas (recorded presentation)
  • Finding behavioural patterns among League of Legends players through Hidden Markov Models
    Alberto Mateos Rama, Victor Rodriguez-Fernandez and David Camacho
  • Learning the Designer’s Preferences to Drive Evolution
    Alberto Alvarez and Jose Font (recorded presentation)
  • Testing hybrid computational intelligence algorithms for general game playing
    Ariel Eduardo Vázquez Nuñez, Antonio J. Fernández Leiva, Antonio Mora and Pablo García Sánchez