EvoMUSART Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • María Navarro-Cáceres, Marcelo Caetano and Gilberto Bernardes. Objective Evaluation of Tonal Fitness for Chord Progressions
  • Jon McCormack and Andy Lomas. Understanding Aesthetic Evaluation with Deep Learning
  • Sebastian Trump. GenImpro: An Evolutionary Model For Musical Improvisation (recorded presentation)
  • Manuel Muehlbauer, Jane Burry and Andy Song. An aesthetic-based fitness measure and a framework for guidance of evolutionary design in architecture
  • Simon Colton, Jon McCormack, Elena Petrovskaya, Sebastian Berns and Michael Cook. Adapting and Enhancing Evolutionary Art for Casual Creation (recorded presentation)
  • Edward Ly and Julián Villegas. Genetic Reverb: Synthesizing Artificial Reverberant Fields Via Genetic Algorithms (recorded presentation)
  • Anna Krolikowski, Sarah Friday, Alice Quintanilla and Jacob Schrum. Quantum Zentanglement: Combining Picbreeder and Wave Function Collapse to Create Zentangles
  • Stephen Lou Banal and Vic Ciesielski. A deep learning neural network for classifying good and bad photos
  • Jonathan Young and Simon Colton. Controlling Self-Organization in Generative Creative Systems
  • Xiaoquan Li, Kaiqi Wang, John Soraghan and Jinchang Ren. Fusion of Hilbert-Huang Transform and Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Predominant Musical Instruments Recognition (recorded presentation)
  • Tiago Martins, João Correia, Sérgio Rebelo, João Bicker and Penousal Machado. Portraits of No One: An Interactive Installation (recorded presentation)
  • Matthew Lewis. Emerging Technology System Evolution (recorded presentation)

Short Talks

  • Frederik Heerde, Igor Vatolkin and Günter Rudolph. Comparing Fuzzy Rule Based Approaches for Music Genre Classification (recorded presentation)
  • Augusto Zubiaga and Lourdes Cilleruelo. Emulation Games. See and Be Seen, an Subjective Approach to Analog Computational Neuroscience (recorded presentation)
  • Moshe Sipper, Jason H. Moore and Ryan J. Urbanowicz. Coevolving Artistic Images Using OMNIREP (recorded presentation)