EvoCOP Accepted Papers

  • Modeling the Costas Array Problem in QUBO for Quantum Annealing
    Philippe Codognet
  • Penalty Weights in QUBO formulations of Permutation Problems
    Mayowa Ayodele
  • Stagnation Detection meets Fast Mutation
    Benjamin Doerr and Amirhossein Rajabi
  • A Beam Search for the Shortest Common Supersequence Problem Guided by an Approximate Expected Length Calculation
    Markus Kirchweger, Jonas Mayerhofer, Marc Huber and Günther Raidl
  • Deep Infeasibility Exploration Method for Vehicle Routing Problems
    Piotr Beling, Piotr Cybula, Andrzej Jaszkiewicz, Przemysław Pełka, Marek Rogalski and Piotr Sielski
  • On Monte Carlo Tree Search for Weighted Vertex Coloring
    Cyril Grelier, Olivier Goudet and Jin-Kao Hao
  • Algorithm Selection for the Team Orienteering Problem
    Mustafa Misir, Aldy Gunawan and Pieter Vansteenwegen
  • A RNN-based Hyper-heuristic for combinatorial problems
    Emmanuel Kieffer, Gabriel Duflo, Gregoire Danoy, Sebastien Varrette and Pascal Bouvry
  • PUBOi: a tunable benchmark with variable importance
    Sara Tari, Sébastien Verel and Mahmoud Omidvar
  • Performance evaluation of a parallel ant colony optimization for the real-time train routing selection problem in large instances
    Bianca Pascariu, Marcella Samà, Paola Pellegrini, Andrea D’Ariano, Dario Pacciarelli and Joaquin Rodriguez
  • Evolutionary Algorithms for the Constrained Two-Level Role Mining Problem
    Simon Anderer, Falk Schrader, Bernd Scheuermann and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Simplifying Dispatching Rules in Genetic Programming for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling
    Sai Panda, Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang
  • Novelty-Driven Binary Particle Swarm Optimisation for Truss Optimisation Problems
    Hirad Assimi, Frank Neumann, Markus Wagner and Xiaodong Li