EvoMUSART Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • Translating Emotions from EEG to Visual Arts
    Piera Riccio, Francesco Galati, Maria A. Zuluaga, Juan Carlos De Martin and Stefano Nichele
  • SpeechTyper: From Speech to Typographic Compositon
    Jéssica Parente, Tiago Martins, João Bicker and Penousal Machado
  • Co-Creative Product Design with Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms: A Practice-Based Reflection
    Severi Uusitalo, Anna Kantosalo, Antti Salovaara, Tapio Takala and Christian Guckelsberger
  • EvoDesigner: towards aiding creativity in graphic design
    Daniel Lopes, João Correia and Penousal Machado
  • Lamuse: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Sparking Inspiration
    Bart Lamiroy and Emmanuelle Potier
  • Painting with Evolutionary Algorithms
    Danny Dijkzeul, Nielis Brouwer, Iris Pijning, Levi Koppenhol and Daan van den Berg
  • Evolutionary Construction of Stories that Combine Several Plot Lines
    Pablo Gervás, Eugenio Concepcion and Gonzalo Mendez
  • Modern Evolution Strategies for Creativity: Fitting Concrete Images and Abstract Concepts
    Yingtao Tian and David Ha
  • Aesthetic Evaluation of Experimental Stimuli Using Spatial Complexity and Kolmogorov Complexity
    Mohammad Ali Javaheri Javid
  • SonOpt: Sonifying Bi-objective Population-Based Optimization Algorithms
    Tasos Asonitis, Richard Allmendinger, Matt Benatan and Ricardo Climent
  • Fashion Style Generation: Evolutionary Search with Gaussian Mixture Models in the Latent Space
    Imke Grabe, Jichen Zhu and Manex Agirrezabal
  • Emotion-Driven Interactive Storytelling: Let Me Tell You How to Feel
    Oneris Daniel Rico Garcia, Javier Fernandez Fernandez, Rafael Andres Becerra Saldana and Olaf Witkowski
  • Sound Model Factory: An Integrated System Architecture for Generative Audio Modelling
    Lonce Wyse, Purnima Kamath and Chitralekha Gupta
  • Classification of Guitar Effects and Extraction of their Parameter Settings from Instrument Mixes Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Reemt Hinrichs, Kevin Gerkens and Jörn Ostermann
  • A Systematic Evaluation of GPT-2-based Music Generation
    Berker Banar and Simon Colton
  • Towards the Generation of Musical Explanations with GPT-3
    Stephen Krol, Maria Teresa Llano and Jon McCormack
  • Music Style Transfer Using Constant-Q Transform Spectrograms
    Tyler McAllister and Björn Gambäck
  • Conditional Drums Generation using Compound Word Representations
    Dimos Makris, Zixun Guo, Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas and Dorien Herremans
  • A Creative Tool for the Musician Combining LSTM and Markov Chains in Max/MSP
    Nicola Privato, Omar Rampado and Alberto Novello
  • Expressive Aliens – Laban Effort Factors for Non-Anthropomorphic Morphologies
    Daniel Bisig

Short Talks

  • Quality-diversity for aesthetic evolution
    Jon McCormack and Camilo Cruz Gambardella
  • MusIAC: An extensible generative framework for Music Infilling Applications with multi-level Control
    Rui Guo, Ivor Simpton, Chris Kiefer, Thor Magnusson and Dorien Herremans
  • Generating novel furniture with machine learning
    Nelson Vermeer and Andrew Brown
  • An Application of Neural Embedding Models for Representing Artistic Periods
    Rao Hamza Ali, Katie Rodeghiero, Alexa Zuch, Saniya Syed and Erik Linstead
  • Classifying Biometric Data for Musical Interaction within Virtual Reality
    Chris Rhodes, Richard Allmendinger and Ricardo Climent
  • A Study on Noise, Complexity, and Audio Aesthetics
    Stefano Kalonaris