Evo* Award for Outstanding Contribution to Evolutionary Computation in Europe 2022


Aniko Ekart (Aston University)

Evo* 2022 Best Paper Awards


  • An Investigation of Multitask Linear Genetic Programming for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling
    Zhixing Huang, Fangfang Zhang, Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang


  • Multiobjective electric vehicle charging station locations in a city scale area: Malaga study case
    Christian Cintrano and Jamal Toutouh


  • A Beam Search for the Shortest Common Supersequence Problem Guided by an Approximate Expected Length Calculation
    Markus Kirchweger, Jonas Mayerhofer, Marc Huber and Günther Raidl


  • SonOpt: Sonifying Bi-objective Population-Based Optimization Algorithms
    Tasos Asonitis, Richard Allmendinger, Matt Benatan and Ricardo Climent


  • Augmenting Novelty Search with a Surrogate Model to Engineer Meta-Diversity in Ensembles of Classifiers
    Rui Cardoso, Emma Hart, David Kurka and Jeremy Pitt

Best Student Poster Award

Giorgia Nadizar

Runners up: Yuri Lavinas & Imke Grabe

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