The Special Session on Resilient Bio-Inspired Algorithms (RBA) of EvoApps will provide a specialized forum of discussion and exchange of information for researchers interested in exploring bio-inspired approaches (swarm intelligence, evolutionary computing) to attain resilient systems and processes.

Resiliency is a major topic after major disruptions like COVID-19 where many organizations/systems were too brittle to quickly adapt and they simply broke. Designers of bio-inspired techniques should focus on such systems and help in their design and/or operation, in order to make them more adaptable and capable of withstanding such disruptions. This is for example the case of many organization/industrial processes that work as goal-oriented complex systems, often using AI tools.

It is not uncommon that AI-enhanced complex projects face difficulties due to maintenance issues, scalability problems, or disrupted operation in the presence of major external disturbances. Resilience is thus not only a desired property of the system to which AI is applied, but also a sought property for AI methods themselves.

Download the CFP in PDF from here.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Resilience and fault-tolerance in computational intelligence
  • Resilience on AI engineering using bio-inspired computing
  • Resilience on hyper-automation including evolutionary machine learning, evolutionary machine vision, and evolutionary robotics.
  • Resilience on complex systems
  • Resilience on evolutionary software engineering
  • Real-world situations where robustness and trustworthiness of solutions are mandatory
  • Emerging topics not traditionally discussed within the swarm and evolutionary computation where resiliency is of significant applicability


  • Carlos Cotta
    Universidad de Málaga, Spain
  • Gustavo Olague
    CICESE, Mexico