The special session aims to provide a forum for researchers interested in the field of evolutionary robotics, the application of evolutionary computation techniques to automatically design robots, real or simulated. This is by nature a multi-faceted field that combines approaches from other fields such as neuro-evolution, evolutionary design, artificial life, robotics, etcetera. We seek high quality contributions dealing with state-of-the-art research in the area of evolutionary robotics.

Download the CFP in PDF from here.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Reality gap (sim2real)
  • Evolution on real-world hardware
  • Virtual creatures
  • Morphological evolution
  • Neuroevolution for robotics
  • Encodings and developmental approaches for evolutionary robotics
  • Lifetime learning approaches
  • Co-evolutionary and multi-objective approaches
  • Open-ended evolution in robotics
  • Diversity enhancing methods in robotics (e.g. quality-diversity)
  • Evolutionary computation in biorobotics
  • Embodied evolution
  • Evolving multi-agent systems


  • Kyrre Glette
    Universitetet i Oslo, Norway
  • Frank Veenstra
    Universitetet i Oslo, Norway