EvoAPPS Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • A New Genetic Algorithm for Automated Spectral Pre-processing in Nutrient Assessment
    Demelza Robinson, Qi Chen, Bing Xue, Daniel Killen, Keith C Gordon and Mengjie Zhang
  • A Machine Learning-Based Approach for Economics-Tailored Applications: The Spanish Case Study
    Zakaria Abdelmoiz Dahi, Gabriel Luque and Enrique Alba
  • Co-evolution of Spies and Resistance Fighters
    Johanna Lange, Mario Stanke and Marc Ebner
  • RWS-L-SHADE: An Effective L-SHADE Algorithm Incorporation Roulette Wheel Selection Strategy for Numerical Optimisation
    Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad, Mahshid Helali Moghadam, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Ripon Chakrabortty, Gerald Schaefer and Diego Oliva
  • EvoMCS: Optimising Energy and Throughput of Mission Critical Services
    Miguel Arieiro and Bruno Sousa
  • Improving the Convergence and Diversity in Differential Evolution through a Stock Market Criterion
    Mario A. Navarro, Alfonso Ramos-Michel, Angel Gaspar, Diego Oliva, Salvador Hinojosa, Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad and Marco Perez-Cisneros
  • The Asteroid Routing Problem: A Benchmark for Expensive Black-Box Permutation Optimization
    Manuel López-Ibáñez, Francisco Chicano and Rodrigo Gil-Merino
  • Optimising Communication Overhead in Federated Learning Using NSGA-II
    José Ángel Morell Martínez, Zakaria Abdelmoiz Dahi, José Francisco Chicano Garcia, Gabriel Luque Polo and Enrique Alba Torres
  • WebGE: an open-source tool for symbolic regression using Grammatical Evolution
    José Manuel Colmenar, Raúl Martín Santamaría and J. Ignacio Hidalgo
  • EvoCC: An Open-Source Classification-Based Nature-Inspired Optimization Clustering Framework in Python
    Anh T. Dang, Raneem Qaddoura, Ala M. Al-Zoubi, Hossam Faris and Pedro A. Castillo
  • Public-Private Partnership: Evolutionary Algorithms as a Solution to Informative Asymmetries
    Simone Pellegrino, Massimo Rebuglio and Giovanni Squillero
  • Towards a Principled Learning Rate Adaptation for Natural Evolution Strategies
    Masahiro Nomura and Isao Ono
  • Combining the properties of Random Forest with Grammatical Evolution to construct ensemble models
    Daniel Parra, Jose-Manuel Velasco, Alberto Gutiérrez, Oscar Garnica and J. Ignacio Hidalgo
  • Parameter Tuning for the (1 + (λ, λ)) Genetic Algorithm using Landscape Analysis and Machine Learning
    Maxim Pikalov and Vladimir Mironovich
  • Negative Selection Algorithm for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Design and Performance Evaluation
    Giuseppe De Gregorio, Antonio Della Cioppa and Angelo Marcelli
  • Neuroevolution Trajectory Networks of the Behaviour Space
    Stefano Sarti, Jason Adair and Gabriela Ochoa
  • Swarm optimised few-view binary tomography
    Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie and Tim Blackwell
  • Vectorial GP for Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction Through Handwriting Analysis
    Irene Azzali, Nicole Dalia Cilia, Claudio De Stefano, Francesco Fontanella, Mario Giacobini and Leonardo Vanneschi
  • Ground-truth segmentation of the spinal cord from 3T MR images using evolutionary computation
    Mohamed-Mounir El Mendili, Noémie Villard, Brice Tiret, Raphaël Chen, Damien Galanaud, Benoit Magnin, Stéphane Lehericy, Pierre-François Pradat, Evelyne Lutton and Salma Mesmoudi
  • Detecting Nested Structures Through Evolutionary Multi-Objective Clustering
    Cristina Morimoto, Aurora Pozo and Marcilio De Souto
  • Multi-Objective Optimization of Extreme Learning Machine for Remaining Useful Life Prediction
    Hyunho Mo and Giovanni Iacca
  • Evolution of Acoustic Logic Gates in Granular Metamaterials
    Atoosa Parsa, Josh Bongard, Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, Corey O’Hern and Mark D. Shattuck
  • Search Trajectories Networks of Multi-objectiveEvolutionary Algorithms
    Yuri Lavinas, Claus Aranha and Gabriela Ochoa
  • Multiobjective electric vehicle charging station locations in a city scale area: Malaga study case
    Christian Cintrano and Jamal Toutouh
  • Inheritance vs. Expansion: Generalization Degree of Nearest Neighbor Rule in Continuous Space as Covering Operator of XCS
    Hiroki Shiraishi, Yohei Hayamizu, Iko Nakari, Hiroyuki Sato and Keiki Takadama
  • Neuroevolution of Spiking Neural P Systems
    Leonardo Lucio Custode, Hyunho Mo and Giovanni Iacca
  • Search-Based Third-Party Library Migration at the Method-Level
    Niranjana Deshpande, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer, Ali Ouni and Naveen Sharma
  • Augmenting Novelty Search with a Surrogate Model to Engineer Meta-Diversity in Ensembles of Classifiers
    Rui Cardoso, Emma Hart, David Kurka and Jeremy Pitt
  • Brain programming and its resilience using a real-world database of a Snowy Plover shorebird
    Roberto Pineda, Gustavo Olague, Gerardo Ibarra-Vazquez, Axel Martinez, Jonathan Vargas and Isnardo Reducindo
  • Seeking Specialization Through Novelty in Distributed Online Collective Robotics
    Amine Boumaza
  • Integrating Safety Guarantees into the Learning Classifier System XCS
    Tim Hansmeier and Marco Platzner
  • On the Difficulty of Evolving Permutation Codes
    Luca Mariot, Stjepan Picek, Domagoj Jakobovic, Marko Đurasević and Alberto Leporati
  • Open-ended search for environments and adapted agents using MAP-Elites
    Emma Stensby Norstein, Kai Olav Ellefsen and Kyrre Glette

Short Talks

  • Convergence of Anisotropic Consensus-Based Optimization in Mean-Field Law
    Massimo Fornasier, Timo Klock and Konstantin Riedl
  • Dynamic Hierarchical Structure Optimisation for Cloud Computing Job Scheduling
    Peter Lane, Na Helian, Muhammad Haad Bodla, Minghua Zheng and Paul Moggridge
  • Deep Catan
    Brahim Driss and Tristan Cazenave
  • Automating Speedrun Routing: Overview and Vision
    Matthias Groß, Dietlind Zühlke and Boris Naujoks
  • Resilient Bioinspired Algorithms: A Computer System Design Perspective
    Carlos Cotta and Gustavo Olague
  • An Enhanced Opposition-based Evolutionary Feature Selection Approach
    Pedro A. Castillo, Ruba Khurma, Ibrahim Aljarah and Khair Sabri
  • Explainable Landscape Analysis in Automated Algorithm Performance Prediction
    Risto Trajnov, Stefan Dimeski, Martin Popovski, Peter Korošec and Tome Eftimov
  • Comparing Basin Hopping with Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization
    Marco Baioletti, Alfredo Milani, Valentino Santucci and Marco Tomassini
  • A Methodology for Determining Ion Channels from Membrane Potential Neuronal Recordings
    Juan Luis Jiménez Laredo, Loïs Naudin, Nathalie Corson and Carlos M. Fernandes
  • ANN-EMOA: Evolving Neural Networks Efficiently
    Steven Künzel and Silja Meyer-Nieberg
  • Self-Adaptation of Neuroevolution Algorithms using Reinforcement Learning
    Michael Kogan, Joshua Karns and Travis Desell
  • Evolving Data Augmentation Strategies
    Sofia Pereira, João Correia and Penousal Machado
  • Out of Time: On the Constrains that Evolution in Hardware Faces when Evolving Modular Robots
    Rodrigo Moreno and Andres Faiña