EuroGP Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • Leonardo Vanneschi SLIM: The Non-Bloating Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming
  • Jessica Mégane, Eric Medvet, Nuno Lourenço and Penousal Machado Grammar-based Evolution of Polyominoes
  • Giorgia Nadizar, Eric Medvet and Dennis G. Wilson Naturally Interpretable Control Policies via Graph-based Genetic Programming
  • Hengzhe Zhang, Qi Chen, Bing Xue, Wolfgang Banzhaf and Mengjie Zhang Improving Generalization of Evolutionary Feature Construction with Minimal Complexity Knee Points in Regression
  • Andrew Ni, Li Ding and Lee Spector DALex: Lexicase-like Selection via Diverse Aggregation
  • Allan de Lima, Samuel Carvalho, Douglas Mota Dias, Jorge Luis Machado Do Amaral, Joseph P. Sullivan and Conor Ryan Fuzzy Pattern Trees for Classification Problems Using Genetic Programming
  • Alican Mertan and Nick Cheney Investigating Premature Convergence in Co-optimization of Morphology and Control in Evolved Virtual Soft Robots
  • Thomas Helmuth, Edward Pantridge, James Frazier and Lee Spector Reducing Generational Computation in Counterexample-Driven Genetic Programming without Formal Specifications
  • Giovanni Pinna, Damiano Ravalico, Luigi Rovito, Luca Manzoni and Andrea De Lorenzo Enhancing Large Language Models-based Code Generation by Leveraging Genetic Improvement

Short Talks

  • W B Langdon Genetic Improvement of Last Level Cache
  • Alina Geiger, Dominik Sobania and Franz Rothlauf A Comprehensive Comparison of Lexicase-Based Selection Methods for Symbolic Regression Problems
  • Claude Carlet, Marko Đurasević, Domagoj Jakobovic, Luca Mariot and Stjepan Picek Look into the Mirror: Evolving Self-Dual Bent Boolean Functions
  • Rémi Felin, Pierre Monnin, Catherine Faron and Andrea Tettamanzi An Algorithm Based on Grammatical Evolution for Discovering SHACL Constraints