EvoMUSART Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • Colin Roitt, Simon Hickinbotham and Andy Tyrrell Enough is Enough: Learning to Stop in Generative Systems
  • Marvin Zammit, Antonios Liapis and Georgios N. Yannakakis MAP-Elites with Transverse Assessment for Multimodal Problems in Creative Domains
  • Wenqian Cui, Pedro Sarmento and Mathieu Barthet MoodLoopGP: Generating Emotion-Conditioned Loop Tablature Music with Multi-Granular Features
  • João Eduardo Batista, Fraser Garrow, Carlo Huesca Spairani and Tiago Martins Evoboard: Geoboard-inspired Evolved Typefonts
  • Peter Nguyen, Javier Fernádez and Olaf Witkowski AI-Driven Meditation: Personalization for Inner Peace
  • Jon McCormack, Maria Teresa Llano Rodriguez, Stephen Krol and Nina Rajcic No Longer Trending on Artstation: Prompt Analysis of Generative AI Art
  • Sérgio M. Rebelo, J. J. Merelo, João Bicker and Penousal Machado Evaluation Metrics for Automated Typographic Poster Generation
  • Elia Pacioni and Francisco Fernández de Vega On the impact of directed mutation applied to Evolutionary 4-part harmony models
  • Ole Hall and Anil Yaman Collaborative Interactive Evolution of Art in the Latent Space of Deep Generative Models
  • Björn Þór Jónsson, Çağrı Erdem, Stefano Fasciani and Kyrre Glette Towards Sound Innovation Engines Using Pattern-Producing Networks and Audio Graphs
  • David Cabrera Dalmazzo, Ken Déguernel and Bob L. T. Sturm The Chordinator: Modeling Music Harmony By Implementing Transformer Networks and Token Strategies
  • João Macedo, Daniel Lopes, João Correia, Penousal Machado and Ernesto Costa Evolving Visually-Diverse Graphic Design Posters
  • Pablo Gervás and Gonzalo Mendez Pruning Worlds into Stories: Affective Interactions as Fitness Function
  • Francesco Maccarini, Mael Oudin, Mathieu Giraud and Florence Levé Co-creative orchestration of Angeles with layer scores and orchestration plans
  • Shaurya Gaur and Patrick Donnelly Generating Smooth Mood-Dynamic Playlists with Audio Features and KNN
  • Parker Carlson and Patrick J. Donnelly Deep Learning Approaches for Sung Vowel Classification
  • Sabine Wieluch and Friedhelm Schwenker PatternPortrait: Draw Me Like One of Your Scribbles
  • Luca Casini, Nicolas Jonason and Bob Sturm Investigating the viability of Masked Language Modeling for symbolic music generation in abc-notation

Short Talks

  • Craig Vear, Fabrizio Poltronieri, Balandino Di Donato, Yawen Zhang, Johann Benerradi, Simon Hutchinson, Paul Turowski, Jethro Shell and Hossein Malekmohamadi Building an Embodied Musicking Dataset for co-creative music-making
  • Xuneng Shi and Craig Vear Generating emotional music based on improved C-RNN-GAN
  • Justin Dettmer, Igor Vatolkin and Tobias Glasmachers Weighted Initialisation of Evolutionary Instrument and Pitch Detection in Polyphonic Music
  • Keshav Bhandari and Simon Colton Motifs, Phrases, and Beyond: The Modelling of Structure in Symbolic Music Generation
  • João Macedo, Habtom Kahsay Gidey, Karina Brotto Rebuli and Penousal Machado Evolving User Interfaces: A Neuroevolution Approach for Natural Human-Machine Interaction
  • Suet Lee, Mickey Li, Razanne Abu-Aisheh, Sabine Hauert, Henry Hickson, Tom Didiot-Cook, Avgi Stavrou, Khulud Alharthi and Georgios Tzoumas The Forest: Towards Emergent Collaborative Art through Human Swarming
  • Edward Easton, Aniko Ekart and Ulysses Bernardet Modelling individual aesthetic preferences of 3D sculptures
  • Leonard Fricke, Mark Gotham, Fabian Ostermann and Igor Vatolkin Adaptation and Optimization of AugmentedNet for Roman Numeral Analysis Applied to Audio Signals