Instructions for presenters

When preparing your presentation, consider that EvoStar 2024 is a hybrid conference. There will be projectors available in the conference rooms and the computers will also be connected to the room audio system.

We provide here a convenient template for the slides in PPTX, ODP and Google Slides, although it is not mandatory to use them (you can use your own).

A long paper presentation is scheduled for 25 min (20 min talk and 5 min Q&A). A short paper presentation is scheduled for 10 min (no questions, Q&A for short talks will be during the poster session).

Instructions for onsite presenters

To avoid potential delays when re-connecting personal laptops, the presenters should bring their presentations (in pdf or pptx format) and additional videos/music files (if relevant) on a USB stick and upload all the files to a local computer before the session starts.

In the case you use the computer in the room for the presentation, prepare your presentation as a PowerPoint file or pdf file. If video/sounds have to be presented, it is recommended to embed them into the PowerPoint file. Bring your presentation on a USB stick, upload it into the local computer, and test it BEFORE your session starts. Local organisers will help you to do that.

If running the presentation from a personal laptop is unavoidable, the laptop must be tested with the AV equipment used in a given room before the session starts.

Instructions for online presenters

Zoom links to the online conference will be available in the Programme Overview page. In the break before your session, go to the Zoom room in which your session is scheduled and, with help of a local organiser, briefly check the AV system. Then, during the session, when your presentation time comes, the session chair will introduce you, and ask you to share your screen and present your paper.

If you foresee possible connection problems, you can prepare a backup video with your presentation to avoid potential technical problems during your online presentation. Please share the video file (the mp4 format, max 200 MB) with us using any file sharing platform you prefer. Then, please send an email to with the instructions on how to download the video before April 1st, 2024, 10 AM CET. Do not forget to include into the email: the conference name, paper title, presenter name, and session code. Please note the video does not excuse your presence in the session so if you’re not there it won’t be played and it will be considered as a no-show.