EvoCOP Accepted Papers

  • The Cost of Randomness in Evolutionary Algorithms: Crossover Can Save Random Bits
    Carlo Kneissl and Dirk Sudholt
  • Application of Adapt-CMSA to the Two-Echelon Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Deliveries
    Mehmet Anil Akbay, Can Berk Kalayci and Christian Blum
  • Decision/Objective Space Trajectory Networks for Multi-objective Combinatorial Optimisation
    Gabriela Ochoa, Arnaud Liefooghe, Yuri Lavinas and Claus Aranha
  • Application of Negative Learning Ant Colony Optimization to the Far From Most String Problem
    Christian Blum and Pedro Pablo Pinacho Davidson
  • OneMax is not the Easiest Function for Fitness Improvements
    Marc Kaufmann, Maxime Larcher, Johannes Lengler and Xun Zou
  • A Multilevel Optimization Approach for Large Scale Battery Exchange Station Location Planning
    Thomas Jatschka, Tobias Rodemann and Günther Raidl
  • Fairer comparisons for Travelling Salesman Problem solutions using Hash Functions
    Mehdi El Krari, Rym Nesrine Guibadj, John Woodward and Denis Robilliard
  • A Policy-Based Learning Beam Search for Combinatorial Optimization
    Rupert Ettrich, Marc Huber and Günther R. Raidl
  • Monte Carlo Tree Search with Adaptive Simulation: a Case Study on Weighted Vertex Coloring
    Cyril Grelier, Olivier Goudet and Jin-Kao Hao
  • Cooperative Coevolutionary Genetic Programming Hyper Heuristic for Budget Constrained Dynamic Multi-workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing
    Kirita-Rose Escott, Hui Ma and Gang Chen
  • Evolutionary Strategies for the Design of Binary Linear Codes
    Claude Carlet, Luca Mariot, Luca Manzoni and Stjepan Picek
  • On the effect of solution representation and neighborhood definition in AutoML Fitness Landscapes
    Matheus Cândido Teixeira and Gisele Pappa
  • Multi-objectivization Relaxes Multi-funnel Structures in Single-objective NK-landscapes
    Shoichiro Tanaka, Keiki Takadama and Hiroyuki Sato
  • Real-World Vehicle Routing using Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search
    Vojtěch Sassmann, Hana Rudová, Michal Gabonay and Václav Sobotka
  • A memetic algorithm for deinterleaving pulse trains
    Jean Pinsolle, Olivier Goudet, Cyrille Enderli and Jin-Kao Hao