EvoMUSART Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • AI-rmonies of the Spheres
    Adrian Garcia Riber and Francisco Serradilla Garcia
  • LyricJam Sonic: A Generative System for Real-Time Composition and Musical Improvisation
    Olga Vechtomova and Gaurav Sahu
  • Searching For Human Bias Against AI-Composed Music
    Dimiter Zlatkov, Jeffrey Ens and Phillipe Pasquier
  • Visual Representation of the Internet Consumption in the European Union
    Telma Rodrigues, Catarina Maçãs and Ana Rodrigues
  • GTR-CTRL: Instrument and Genre Conditioning for Guitar-Focused Music Generation with Transformers
    Pedro Sarmento, Adarsh Kumar, Yu-Hua Chen, Cj Carr, Zack Zukowski and Mathieu Barthet
  • Chordal embeddings based on topology of the tonal space
    Anton Ayzenberg, Maxim Beketov, Aleksandra Burashnikova, German Magai, Anton Polevoi, Ivan Shanin and Konstantin Sorokin
  • Using Autoencoders to Generate Skeleton-based Typography
    Jéssica Parente, Luis Gonçalo, Tiago Martins, João Miguel Cunha, João Bicker and Penousal Machado
  • Application of Neural Architecture Search to Instrument Recognition in Polyphonic Audio
    Leonard Fricke, Igor Vatolkin and Fabian Ostermann
  • LooperGP: A Loopable Sequence Model for Live Coding Performance using GuitarPro Tablature
    Sara Adkins, Pedro Sarmento and Mathieu Barthet
  • Extending the Visual Arts experience: Sonifying Paintings with AI
    Thomas Fink and Almila Akdag
  • Is beauty in the age of the beholder?
    Edward Easton, Aniko Ekart and Ulysses Bernardet
  • SUNMASK: Mask Enhanced Control in Step Unrolled Denoising Autoencoders
    Kyle Kastner, Tim Cooijmans, Yusong Wu and Aaron Courville
  • SketchSynth: cross-modal control of sound synthesis
    Sebastian Löbbers, Louise Thorpe and György Fazekas
  • Music Generation with Multiple Ant Colonies Interacting on Multilayer Graphs
    Lluc Bono Rosselló and Hugues Bersini
  • Automatically Adding to Artistic Cultures
    Simon Colton and Berker Banar
  • Extending Generative Neo-Riemannian Theory for Event-based Soundtrack Production
    Simon Colton and Sara Cardinale
  • Artistic Curve Steganography Carried by Musical Audio
    Christopher Tralie
  • Towards the Evolution of Prompts with MetaPrompter
    Tiago Martins, João Miguel Cunha, João Correia and Penousal Machado
  • Is Writing Prompts Really Making Art?
    Jon McCormack, Camilo Cruz Gambardella, Nina Rajcic, Stephen Krol, Teresa Llano and Meng Yang
  • Using GPT-3 to achieve semantically relevant data sonificiation for an art installation
    Rodolfo Ocampo, Josh Andres, Adrian Schmidt, Caroline Pegram, Justin Shave, Charlton Hill, Brendan Wright and Oliver Bown

Short Talks

  • Fabric Sketch Augmentation & Styling via Deep Learning & Image Synthesis Techniques
    Omema Ahmed, Muhammad Salman Abid, Aiman Junaid and Syeda Saleha Raza
  • EvoDesigner: Aiding the exploration of innovative graphic design solutions
    Daniel Lopes, João Correia and Penousal Machado
  • Improving Automatic Music Genre Classification Systems by Using Descriptive Statistical Features of Audio Signals
    Ravindu Perera, Manjusri Wickramasinghe and Lakshman Jayaratne
  • Musical Genre Recognition based on Deep Descriptors of Harmony, Instrumentation, and Segments
    Igor Vatolkin, Mark Gotham, Néstor Nápoles López and Fabian Ostermann
  • OSC-Qasm: Interfacing Music Software with Quantum Computing
    Omar Costa Hamido and Paulo Itaboraí
  • Transposition of Simple Waveforms from Raw Audio with Deep Learning
    Patrick Donnelly and Parker Carlson
  • AI-aided Ceramic Sculptures: Bridging Deep Learning with Materiality
    Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet Sola