EvoAPPS Accepted Papers

Long Talks

  • An Evolutionary Approach for Scheduling a Fleet of Shared Electric Vehicles
    Steffen Limmer, Johannes Varga and Günther Raidl
  • The Specialized Threat Evaluation and Weapon Target Assignment Problem: Genetic Algorithm Optimization and ILP Model Solution
    Ahmet Burak Baraklı, Fatih Semiz and Emre Atasoy
  • Improving the size and quality of MAP-Elites containers via multiple emitters and decoders for urban logistics
    Neil Urquhart and Emma Hart
  • A fitness landscape analysis approach for reinforcement learning in the control of the coupled inverted pendulum task
    Ferrante Neri and Alexander Turner
  • To Switch or not to Switch: Predicting the Benefit of Switching between Algorithms based on Trajectory Features
    Diederick Vermetten, Hao Wang, Kevin Sim and Emma Hart
  • Local Optima Networks for Seismic History Matching Problems
    Paul Mitchell, Gabriela Ochoa, Yuri Lavinas and Romain Chassagne
  • Extending Boundary Updating Approach for Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Problems
    Iman Rahimi, Amir H Gandomi, Mohammad Reza Nikoo and Fang Chen
  • Frequency Fitness Assignment on JSSP: a critical review
    Ege de Bruin, Sarah L. Thomson and Daan van den Berg
  • Tomographic Reconstruction Enhancement with Search Space Expansion
    Mohammad Majid Al-Rifaie and Tim Blackwell
  • Multi-Agent VS Classic System of an electricity mix production optimization
    Solofohanitra Rahamefy Andriamalala, Toky Axel Andriamizakason and Rasoanaivo Andry
  • A collection of robotics problems for benchmarking evolutionary computation methods
    Jakub Kudela, Martin Juricek and Roman Parak
  • Energy-Aware Dynamic Resource Allocation in Container-based Clouds via Cooperative Coevolution Genetic Programming
    Chen Wang, Hui Ma, Gang Chen, Guiying Huang, Yongbo Yu and Kameron Christopher
  • A surrogate function in cGA for the traffic light scheduling problem
    Andrea Villagra and Gabriel Luque
  • Using Genetic Programming to learn behavioral models of Lithium Batteries
    Francesco Fontanella, Claudio De Stefano, Giulia Di Capua, Nunzio Oliva, Carmine Bourelly, Mario Molinara, Francesco Porpora and Filippo Milano
  • Further investigations on the characteristics of neural network based opinion selection mechanisms for robotics swarms
    Ahmed Almansoori, Muhanad Alkilabi and Elio Tuci
  • A Quality-Diversity Approach to Evolving a Repertoire of Diverse Behaviour-Trees in Robot Swarms
    Kirsty Montague, Emma Hart, Ben Paechter and Geoff Nitschke
  • A Memetic Genetic Algorithm for Optimal IoT Workflow Scheduling
    Amer Saeed, Gang Chen, Hui Ma and Qiang Fu
  • AMTEA-based Multi-task Optimisation for Multi-objective Feature Selection in Classification (EML joint track)
    Jiabin Lin, Qi Chen, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang
  • Evolutionary based Transfer Learning Approach to Improving Classification of Metamorphic Malware
    Kehinde Babaagba and Mayowa Ayodele
  • Multi-Objective Location-Aware Service Brokering in Multi-Cloud – A GPHH Approach with Transfer Learning
    Yuheng Chen, Tao Shi, Hui Ma and Aaron Chen
  • An intelligent optimised estimation of the hydraulic jump roller length
    Antonio Agresta, Chiara Biscarini, Fabio Caraffini and Valentino Santucci
  • BBOB Instance Analysis: Landscape Properties and Algorithm Performance across Problem Instances
    Fu Xing Long, Diederick Vermetten, Bas van Stein and Anna Kononova
  • Evolving lightweight intrusion detection systems for attacks in RPL-based Internet of Things
    Ali Deveci, Selim Yılmaz and Sevil Şen
  • Under the Hood of Transfer Learning for Deep Neuroevolution (EML joint track)
    Stefano Sarti, Nuno Lourenço, Jason Adair, Penousal Machado and Gabriela Ochoa
  • Epoch-based Application of Problem-Aware Operators in a Multiobjective Memetic Algorithm for Portfolio Optimization
    Feijoo Colomine, Carlos Cotta and Antonio J. Fernández Leiva
  • A framework for estimating the operational risk of lethal wilt in oil palm crops based on multispectral image classification
    Alejandro Peña, Puerta Alejandro, Isis Bonet, Fabio Caraffini, Mario Gongora and Ivan Ochoa
  • Multi-Objective Evolutionary Discretization of Gene Expression Profiles: Application to COVID-19 Severity Prediction
    David Rojas-Velazquez, Alberto Tonda, Itzel Rodriguez-Guerra, Aletta D. Kraneveld and Alejandro Lopez Rincon
  • Development of an energy management support system for microgrids using artificial intelligence
    Puerta Alejandro, Santiago Horacio Hoyos, Isis Bonet and Fabbio Caraffini
  • Genetic programming and co-evolution to play the Bomberman videogame
    Robert Gold, Henrique Branquinho and Pablo García Sánchez
  • Predicting Normal and Anomalous Urban Traffic with Vectorial Genetic Programming and Transfer Learning
    John Rego Hamilton, Aniko Ekart and Alina Patelli
  • Feature Selection on Epistatic Problems using Genetic Algorithms with Nested Classifiers (EML joint track)
    Pedro Carvalho, Bruno Ribeiro, Nuno Rodrigues, João Batista, Sara Silva and Leonardo Vanneschi
  • On the Evolution of Boomerang Uniformity in Cryptographic S-boxes
    Marko Đurasević, Domagoj Jakobovic, Luca Mariot, Sihem Mesnager and Stjepan Picek
  • Using Knowledge Graphs for Performance Prediction of Modular Optimization Algorithms
    Ana Kostovska, Diederick Vermetten, Sašo Džeroski, Panče Panov, Tome Eftimov and Carola Doerr
  • Toward Constructing a Diverse Suite of Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
    Andrejaana Andova, Tobias Benecke, Harald Ludwig and Tea Tušar
  • Interactive Stage-wise Optimisation of Personalised Medicine Supply Chains
    Andreea Avramescu, Manuel López-Ibáñez and Richard Allmendinger
  • RF+clust for Leave-One-Problem-Out Performance Prediction
    Ana Nikolikj, Carola Doerr and Tome Eftimov
  • Evolving Non-cryptographic Hash Functions using Genetic Programming for High-speed Lookups in Network Security Applications
    Mujtaba Hassan, Arish Sateesan, Jo Vliegen, Stjepan Picek and Nele Mentens
  • Use of a Genetic Algorithm to Evolve the Parameters of an Iterated Function System in order to Create Adapted Phenotypic Structures
    Habiba Akter, Rupert Young, Philip Birch and Chris Chatwin

Short Talks

  • An Evolutionary Hyper-Heuristic for Airport Slot Allocation
    David Melder, John Drake and Sha Wang
  • Evolving Neural Networks for Robotic Arm Control (EML joint track)
    Anthony Horgan and Karl Mason
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for 5 x 5 Multiplayer Go
    Brahim Driss, Jérôme Arjonilla, Hui Wang, Abdallah Saffidine and Tristan Cazenave
  • A Multi-Brain approach for Multi-Tasking in evolvable robots
    Ege de Bruin, Julian Hatzky, Babak Hosseinkhani Kargar and A.E. Eiben
  • Centroid-based Differential Evolution with Composite Trial Vector Generation Strategies for Neural Network Training (EML joint track)
    Sahar Rahmani, Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad, Mohammed El-Abd, Gerald Schaefer and Diego Oliva
  • Surrogate-Assisted (1+1)-CMA-ES with Switching Mechanism of Utility Functions
    Yutaro Yamada, Kento Uchida, Shota Saito and Shinichi Shirakawa
  • A Fitness-based Migration Policy for Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithms
    Mateus Boiani, Rafael Stubs Parpinelli and Marcio Dorn
  • A New Prediction-Based Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization Problems
    Kalthoum Karkazan, Haluk Topcuoglu and Shaaban Sahmoud
  • Grammar-Guided Evolution of the U-Net (EML joint track)
    Mahsa Mahdinejad, Aidan Murphy, Michael Tetteh, Allan de Lima, Patrick Healy and Conor Ryan
  • Reducing the Price of Stable Bridges with CMA-ES
    Gabriel Fernandes, Nuno Lourenço and João Correia
  • Explaining Recommender Systems by Evolutionary Interests Mix Modeling (EML joint track)
    Piotr Lipinski
  • Nullifying the Inherent Bias of Non-Invariant Exploratory Landscape Analysis Features
    Raphael Patrick Prager and Heike Trautmann
  • A Robust Statistical Framework for the Analysis of the Performances of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms using the Principles of Severity
    Sowmya Chandrasekaran and Thomas Bartz-Beielstein
  • Automatic Design of Telecom Networks with Genetic Algorithms
    João Correia, Gustavo Gama and Nuno Lourenço