Online Poster Session (in Gather)

How to enter in Gather

  1. Be sure that you use Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Follow this link to enter the space.
  3. Enjoy! 

What you find in Gather

In Gather you will enter in the main room, where you can chat and do some networking. 

Main room

At the right you will find the online poster room (see below). In that room each poster is placed in a coordinate represented by a letter (column) and a number (row). You will find the posters associated to each position at the end of this page.

Online Posters Room

Poster positions

  • A1 – A Memetic Genetic Algorithm for Optimal IoT Workflow Scheduling (Hui Ma) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • B1 – Deep Reinforcement Learning for 5 x 5 Multiplayer Go (Brahim Driss) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • C1 – A Fitness-based Migration Policy for Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithms (Mateus Boiani) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • D1 – To bias or not to bias: Probabilistic initialisation for evolving dispatching rules (Marko Đurasević) – EuroGP
  • E1 – Spatial Genetic Programming (Iliya Miralavy) – EuroGP
  • A2 – A Robust Statistical Framework for the Analysis of the Performances of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms using the Principles of Severity (Sowmya Chandrasekaran) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • B2 – A New Prediction-Based Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-Objective Optimization Problems (Kalthoum Karkazan) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • C2 – Multi-Objective Location-Aware Service Brokering in Multi-Cloud – A GPHH Approach with Transfer Learning (Hui Ma) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • D2 – Centroid-based Differential Evolution with Composite Trial Vector Generation Strategies for Neural Network Training (Seyed Jalaleddin Mousavirad) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • E2 – Nullifying the Inherent Bias of Non-Invariant Exploratory Landscape Analysis Features (Raphael Patrick Prager) – EvoApplications (EvoAPPS)
  • A3 – AI-Aided Ceramic Sculptures: Bridging Deep Learning with Materiality (varvara guljajeva) – EvoMusArt
  • B3 – OSC-Qasm: Interfacing Music Software with Quantum Computing (Omar Costa Hamido) – EvoMusArt
  • C3 – Improving Automatic Music Genre Classification Systems by Using Descriptive Statistical Features (Ravindu Ramesh Perera) – EvoMusArt
  • D3 – Fabric Sketch Augmentation & Styling via Deep Learning & Image Synthesis (Omema Ahmed) – EvoMusArt
  • E3 – Stipple Tunes: An Artistic Form of Uncompressed Image in Audio Steganography (Christopher J. Tralie) – Late-Breaking Abstracts (LBAs)