EvoAPPs Best Paper Nominees

  • Energy-Aware Dynamic Resource Allocation in Container-based Clouds via Cooperative Coevolution Genetic Programming
    Chen Wang, Hui Ma, Gang Chen, Guiying Huang, Yongbo Yu and Kameron Christopher
  • Under the Hood of Transfer Learning for Deep Neuroevolution (EML joint track)
    Stefano Sarti, Nuno Lourenço, Jason Adair, Penousal Machado and Gabriela Ochoa
  • A framework for estimating the operational risk of lethal wilt in oil palm crops based on multispectral image classification
    Alejandro Peña, Puerta Alejandro, Isis Bonet, Fabio Caraffini, Mario Gongora and Ivan Ochoa
  • A fitness landscape analysis approach for reinforcement learning in the control of the coupled inverted pendulum task
    Ferrante Neri and Alexander Turner