The Great EvoStar Scavenger Hunt 2023


  • Arrange yourselves into a team of 3 or 4 people – at least three of the team members must be students
  • Come up with a Team Name (extra points for creativity)
  • All tasks (except the last one) are worth one point.
  • You must submit your answers, including photographs as a PDF file to info AT evostar DOT org no later than 10pm on Thursday
  • You should try and complete as many of the tasks as you can – don’t worry if you can’t manage all of them.

Our team of judges (Aniko Ekart, Anna I Esparcia-Alcázar, Neil Urquhart, and Martin Hurta) will decide the winners and present prizes at the closing session.


1. Get a picture of your team together at the student welcome reception.
2. Get a picture of a member of your team making an oral or poster presentation. 
3. Get a picture of what you think is the best poster that doesn’t 
belong to a member of your team.
4. Get a picture with at least 3 past local organisers of EvoStar.
5. Get a picture with the person who created The Genetic Programming 
6. Get a picture with the person who won the Julian F. Miller Award.
7. Get a picture with the person who has travelled the farthest to get 
to the conference (state how far they travelled).
8. Take a picture of the historic mural depicting the dance of death in 
pavilion A.
9. Get a picture of the stone coat of arms hidden in pavilion G.
10. Get a picture of the largest painting in pavilion L.
11. Get a picture with at least one rubber duck.
12. Take a team pic in front of the morgue at FIT.
13. Take a team pic at Špilberk Castle.
14. Take a team pic in front of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.
15. Take a team pic with Brno dragon.
16. Get a picture of a pea plant (Real, drawn or created in any other 
way. Be creative!)
17. Share how you enjoy the Evostar conference on a social network of 
your choosing. (include a print screen or link).
18. Rewrite the lyrics of Abba’s song “Waterloo” using EvoStar as the theme – EXTRA 5 POINTS